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The Tea Tradition

The small world within the tea room

The tea room is not only the place where Chadō or the Way of Tea is studied, but it is also a tool which allows the participants a journey to a separate world: a journey into the universe of Japanese tea. Chadō, or the Way of Tea, was established as an art form by Sen no Rikyu in the XVIth century, by removing the ostentation and by searching the simplicity… Read more

Matcha and its place in Japanese culture

All teas, whether green or black, come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. Enjoyed around the world, teas are served in a variety of ways. The differences between the types of tea come from the way the tea plant was grown and processed. Consumed in Japan for over 800 years, the powder tea, matcha, was brought from China and originally used as medicine. Used by Buddhist monks, matcha was appreciated… Read more