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Belgium Winter Seminar

Once again, Chadō practitioners across Europe met in Belgium for a 5 days Chanoyu seminar. Besides the relentless o-keiko (daily tea ceremony practice), this year’s seminar was marked by the granting of Junkyōju, 1st degree instructor, for three tea sensei from Belgium. This advanced degree increases the level of European instructors of Urasenke taught by Michiko Nojiri Sensei. Also, this September, a 4th student from our association received permission to… Read more

Emperor’s birthday

In early December, the Japanese Embassy in Bucharest celebrates the National Day and the birthday of Emperor Akihito. This year, two of the founding members of our association and coordinator of the group of tea from Iasi had the pleasure and honor to attend this reception, an opportunity to meet again many enthusiasts and supporters of Japanese culture.… Read more

Instead of Robiraki

The beginning of the winter season is marked usually by a formal tea gathering. The fire (a buried hearth) moves from the tatami where the host sits and prepares the tea in the summer time, toward the guest, being the only heating source in the tea room.   The opening of the hearth is considered the beginning of a new year for the Tea Ceremony; it is the moment when… Read more

Opened lesson at Chadō Urasenke Tankōkai Romania

At the end of the summer, our group enjoyed a special guest who follows Chadō in the tradition of Omotesenke School. We also had visitors, and even they were not accustomed with the etiquette that surrounds matcha, they appreciated the fresh taste of a bowl of tea. Urasenke si Omotesenke With this occasion, all of us had the chance experience the Japanese Tea Ceremony, as it is transmitted in two… Read more

Hurtebise 2014

Every year, at the beginning of June, the tea practitioners across Europe, meet in Belgium to participate in a 4 days of intensive seminar. This seminar aims at transmitting to those who follow Chadō the same type of study as in the headquarters of Urasenke School from Kyoto. The seminar is designed for advanced practitioners as well for beginners, although it is recommended basic knowledge of Ryakubon teame, before attending… Read more

Tea practice in Kyoto

Oana S: “Since September 2012, I practice Tea Ceremony in ICI group from Uraseneke Center in Kyoto. Next to the usual lessons in a particular environment (Urasenke Chadō Kaikan), where we receive the most amazing sweets and the best kinds of tea, I and my peers have the chance to participate to a series of special tea events in Kyoto and its surroundings. This year we attended for the first… Read more

Few wonderful images about Chanoyu

Our friends from Chanoyu Arabia made a small film, which allows us to take a glimpse into the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  … Read more