Chado on bamboo

Chadō, or Way of Tea, is “distillate” of several aspects of Japanese culture: art, philosophy and hospitality.

Transmitted and refined since the XVIth century, Chadō is offering spiritual reflection and artistic inspiration using the ritual developed around the green powdered tea, matcha, according to the principles of harmony, respect, purity and tranquility.

The Way of Tea is based on the simple act of boiling the water, making the tea and offering it to the others. Served with a pure heart and received with gratitude, a bowl of tea satisfies not only the physical thirst, but also the spiritual one.

When the guest is invited to drink a bowl of matcha, he leaves behind the turmoil of everyday life.

The host ensures that the garden and the tea room are immaculate, chooses a calligraphy, arranges the flowers, prepares the fire and a light meal. All these preparations are intended to make the meeting between the host and its guest more enjoyable.

Quietly, in the tea room, everyone’s attention naturally goes to the present and to the awareness that each unique moment must be fully appreciated.

The practioners who follow Chadō, learn “temae”- how to prepare matcha, and they learn how to appreciate a tea gathering and the etiquette surrounding the serving of the tea.
Although, at its core, the most important aspect of the tea gathering is the interaction between the host and the guest, the study of tea encloses notions of Japanese art, architecture, literature, Zen philosophy, history and crafts.


The four principles of tea

Wa- Harmony: It is the foundation on which everything lays. In the space provided at a tea gathering, everybody enjoys a peaceful atmosphere with an added sense of profundity.

Kei-Respect: People who follow the Way of Tea, they show respect not only for other people, but also consideration for objects, tradition and history.

Sei- Purity: Suggests not only cleanliness, and inner purity and loyalty.

Jaku- Serenity is the purpose: to provide a bowl of tea actually means to provide inner peace.